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Nonsense And Happiness

Nonsense And Happiness, originally uploaded by tauben.

Today I had this email exchange with a blogger who shall remain nameless (but whom you may call Carlos The Mack’rel):

Carlos: Hey Closkey!! When’s the next blogfest??

MBM: Hi! I don’t know. I think some of the others were discussing that. I’ll see and let you know.

Carlos: you mean you DON’T KNOW??? But you’re the queen of the blogfests! la reine du blogfest!

MBM: Some things are too mysterious for even the queen to know.

Her hair once was red, then not, then again red
Oh, Cindy the queen of the blogfests!
Her drinks are exotic
But not too quixotic
And never aquatic.
WIth signs semiotic
She sips with a flip of her head
Oh Cindy the queen of the blogfests.

MBM: I never knew you were a descendent of Edward Lear.

There once was a red-headed clotskey
Who once read a book by old Trotsky
She flipped through the tome
Then headed for home
Impressed by the communist, NOT-ski

The amazing thing is that the thing about the Trotsky book is completely true.

6 replies on “Email poetry”

  1. Andrea: We’ll have a date for the next blogfest soon.

    Danielle: It’s prettier that way too, isn’t it? Other party nouns are also feminine. Perhaps Carlos won’t mind if we make a small revision.

  2. Excusez-moi Danielle, m’amie
    My French est très mauvais.
    I learnt it from the upstairs maid
    Vous etes tres dumb, she’d say.

    She taught me how to kiss bonjour
    On one cheek then the next.
    But when we got to all things French
    O’ercome was I, perplexed.

    I was a gangly twelve back then
    And she a dozen more.
    So beautiful she stopped my brain
    Constanza, je t’adore!

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