Stories of Pittsburgh

Pittsburghers: The eyes of the nation are upon us. It’s time to stand up and share what we think of our town and our region.

The Primary Pittsburgh Project is a “5-day blogging experiment to invite the Burghosphere to re-tell the primary story story of Pittsburgh to the rest of the country.”

Here’s the scoop:

The goal is to engage bloggers who write on many different topics to
share these stories around the blogosphere and beyond. This is an
invitation to get all bloggers telling their Pittsburgh story.

Pittsburgh has received a tremendous amount of national press and
blog coverage, both good and bad. With just days left to the
presidential primary, we are working to highlight and tell some of the
stories that we know that make Pittsburgh great.

If you have a blog, write a post and comments on the Primary Pittsburgh Project site to link back to it. If you don’t have a blog, send your story to the site and they’ll post for you.

Time is key. We have just days left until the primary when the major media is taking a fresh look at our city and region. It’s like the tiny window of attention we receive when the Steelers play Monday Night Football at Heinz Field, extended for a few more days. Let’s use it to tell everyone what we think about Pittsburgh.

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