Fool-free zone

medieval fool

medieval fool, originally uploaded by hans s.

Please know: There will be no gags, jokes, tricks, fake news, parody posts, or other April tomfoolery on My Brilliant Mistakes today.

Actually, because today is a ridiculously hectic one for me, there will be very little new content at all. Sorry for the quiet.

If you need some light-hearted good fun, please visit YouTube and click any link on the home page. Rick Astley is never gonna give you up.

8 replies on “Fool-free zone”

  1. You didn’t quite come out and say it was a rickroll. Anyone who knew the existence of such a thing would’ve picked up on it, sure, but what about the poor innocents who until now remained blissfully unaware of the phenomenon?

    You may have inadvertantly de-flowered any number of rickroll virgins. Ah well, come to think of it, they probably deserved it. Anyway, I’m sure your loyal readers are never gonna give you up, let you down, run around or desert you.

  2. Bob, I hadn’t seen the Muppet rickroll when I posted originally. As it happened, that was the sole rickroll that caught me today. And it was worth it. If anyone hasn’t seen it, you’re missing something special.

    Norm: I’m so behind on SH podcasts and the G Spod it is not funny. I aim to catch up, or maybe I’ll just jump ahead. But thanks for linking up anyone who hasn’t had the chance to enjoy the magic yet. The smooth ass magic, I should say.

    Steve: Yes, you are correct. No goatse here please. I liked your take on the rickroll — appropriately alarming and disarming. Well done, sir!

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