The sweet sounds of success

Home businesses know they must seem successful to become successful. So they play Thriving Office while on the phone. This valuable CD, which is filled with the sounds people expect to hear from an established company, provides instant credibility. It’s simple, effective, and guaranteed!

Thriving Office contains the sounds of voices, phones, computers, and much more.
One 39-minute track is “Busy” and the other is “Very Busy”.

Visit the Thriving Office site to listen to a clip. I don’t know if the quotes from business press are real — maybe they’re part of the thriving office mystique.

(Link via Coudal.)

One reply on “The sweet sounds of success”

  1. I’m glad to see no training is required to use it, that would have been my biggest worry. As regards the quotes… most of them are just saying what it does, not really a ringing endorsement. I always wonder what comes after the lines quoted:

    “[Make your quiet office sound like it’s bustling with activity], which is pretty pointless when you think about it.” — Wall Street Journal

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