Is that a grill in your pocket or…

Ooh! My friend Keith Jackson’s company makes this ultra-portable grill, the Grilliput — I played with one when I was in Seattle. And today they’re featured on I Want One of Those!

The smallest and most portable BBQ on the planet. Is this or is this not the most brilliant invention ever invented by someone who goes around inventing things? The Grilliput, with a literary nod to Mr. Swift, is a travel BBQ that fits in your pocket! Aptly named the Grilliput, this ridiculously compact camping grill is about the cleverest piece of design we’ve seen in an age. At only 29cm long and 2.2cm wide you can stash it anywhere, and when you’re feeling peckish open it up into a 23x26cm BBQ.

I believe you can find them at Cabela’s and maybe WalMart, or you can order a Grilliput from Amazon.

(Link via Coudal.)