Just in time for the 80s Prom Party this Friday

(Photo: Doug Menuez/Corbis for New York Magazine)

Though they may look (and sound) like Off Broadway send-ups, eighties-inspired workouts like Keightley’s are proliferating. Just as bat-winged sweaters and pegged pants are reappearing on runways, classic cardio burns from the eighties are back in fashion, too. The primary appeal: They’re simple and they make you sweat. “Gym classes have gotten so high-concept—Yogalates plus spinning plus meditation, all in 45 minutes!” says Keightley, whose classes are held at NYSC locations all over town. “It’s hard to know if you’re burning enough calories to make a difference.”

“What a Feeling!” New York Magazine

(Via Alex Balk, who is old enough to remember Jane Fonda but prefers not to remember.)

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