Don’t think


It has been a long day for me. Actually, it has been a long week. It has been a long month already, even — I said as much on May 1, and just over a week later I feel the heavy truth of it. And there are still three weeks to go.

Not that things are bad, you understand. I have a lot going on, and I’m having to work my brain overtime.

What I would most like to do, really, is to not think for a while. Not thoughts. Not even any thoughts about having no thoughts.

It’s times like these that I’m glad television exists.

2 replies on “Don’t think”

  1. First – nice choice for a clip. I’ve never seen the HGTTG series from the UK, but I thought the movie was actually pretty decent.

    Second – I totally feel what you’re saying. April was the worst month for me, probably on record. But it’s good to have those moments to take a step back and just breathe. Like you said – it’s not bad… it’s just life happening.

    Onward and upward! (to borrow from Mr. Kownacki)

  2. Hang tough, C. I know the feeling, too. Everything seems to move at lightspeed and it can be overwhelming at times. My challenge is to remember that it comes and goes and I need to learn to ride the waves better…which requires thinking. Ugh.

    Try to take some time (even a bit) to relax this weekend. I bet if you watch a few reruns of Rock of Love, you’ll be glad you CAN think.

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