Tom Waits’ True Confessions

Over at the NPR website, they’ve got Tom Waits interviewing Tom Waits:

I must admit, before meeting Tom, I had heard so many rumors and so
much gossip that I was afraid. Frankly, his gambling debts, his animal
magnetism, coupled with his disregard for the feelings of others… His
elaborate gun collection, his mad shopping sprees, the face lifts, the
ski trips, the drug busts and the hundreds of rooms in his home. The
tax shelters, the public urination…I was nervous to meet the real man
himself. Baggage and all. But I found him to be gentle, intelligent,
open, bright, helpful, humorous, brave, audacious, loquacious, clean,
and reverent. A Boy Scout, really (and a giant of a man). Join me now
for a rare glimpse into the heart of Tom Waits. Remove your shoes and
no smoking, please.

(Link via Coudal.)