“Dare I say, hip”

The New York Times spends 36 hours in Pittsburgh, and likes what it finds:

…old stereotypes die hard, and Pittsburgh probably doesn’t make many
people’s short list for a cosmopolitan getaway. Too bad, because this
city of 89 distinct neighborhoods is a cool and — dare I say, hip—city.
There are great restaurants, excellent shopping,
breakthrough galleries and prestigious museums. The convergence of
three rivers and surrounding green hills also make it a surprisingly
pretty urban setting.

Brillobox, The City Theatre, La Prima, and the Heinz History Center all are featured, along with standbys like the Incline, The Mattress Factory, and the Warhol Museum.

5 replies on ““Dare I say, hip””

  1. Ahh, the one thing that makes me the most happy when I’m away from home is seeing Pittsburgh painted in a positive light by a media outlet from outside the region. Good find, Cynthia!

  2. Hot damn! I feel so proud! Not surprised or flabbergasted or anything like that, you know…just, um, proud.

    Actually, I’ve lived in the Pgh area for 13 years now and I love it. I hope the article will help more people (even those living here) realize it’s a great place.

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