A certain letter that’s shaped sort of like a hook

Some time back, Andrea of Lip Smacking Wit wrote a post on this meme:

Leave a comment and I’ll give you a letter. Post ten things you LOVE
that begin with that letter.  Then give a letter to anyone who leaves a
comment for you… and the cycle will continue.

Pretty irresistible, is it not?

Andrea gave me the letter J. At first I could come up with nothing except jellybeans, and while I like jellybeans I don’t love them. Same for jelly. But then I settled down and realized what a rich letter dear J is.

Juniper berries: The signature flavoring in gin. Like so many people, I didn’t like gin when I started drinking. In recent years I’ve discovered its subtle wonders. Now it battles bourbon for top spot in my bar.

Jigger: A bartending tool used to measure liquor, named for the unit of liquor is measures: 1.5 fluid ounce. Despite taking a bartending course years ago, I was for a long time sloppy about measuring the ingredients in my cocktails. I’ve since seen the light on this. Unless you have speedpour tops on all your bottles and you regularly tend bar, you need to measure everything to get proportions right. Cocktails are all about proportions.

A poem by Lewis Carroll that’s included in “Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There,” one of the books that influenced me most in my childhood. “[O]ften considered to be the greatest nonsense poem written in the English language,” which, considering the work of Edward Lear, is saying a lot. I can recite this from memory, and if you’re not careful I will. Also, when playing dungeons and Dragons in high school, my weapon of choice was a vorpal sword.

John Cleese: I am a longtime fan of Monty Python and the individual Pythons. As I’ve noted in the past.

Java & joe: As in “I’d like a cup of…” I’ve cut back on my coffee consumption, but I still start most days with a cup. There are few happier smells than that of freshly ground and brewed coffee.

Jazz: The jazz subgenres I like more are hard bop, bebop, and swing.

Jude: My brother, fourth child out of the five in our family. A hard-working guy who can tell you every movie any actor has been in.

Julep: A heavenly drink made of bourbon, sugar, mint leaves, ice, and seltzer. Nothing is better on a summer day.

Jumping jacks: I have trouble jumping rope, due to a general lack of coordination, but I am a past master at jumping jacks. And they’re great exercise.

Juxtaposition:The act or instance of placing two or more things side by side.” I am all about that, especially the juxtaposition of disparate or unexpected elements.

OK, your turn. Leave a comment, receive a letter.

(Photo credit: “Juniper Berries” by kretyen. Post title comes from our friend Big Bird’s “J Poem.”)

20 replies on “A certain letter that’s shaped sort of like a hook”

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  2. Jumping jacks were SO much easier when I was young. My daughter loves them now, so maybe she’ll inspire me again to keep up?!

    Ok, I’m game. Bring it on. Might be a few weeks before I post, but will be fun!

  3. Amie: All mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe. Your letter is Q!

    Susan: I find jumping jacks easiest to do to music. Particularly to OK Go: Try jumping in time to “You’re So Damn Hot.” Your letter is O.

  4. When we were in London there was a beer ad with John Cleese in a bizarre hat (there was a rubber chicken involved). It was so fantastic that I would have hugged the poster if it hadn’t been on the other side of the Underground rails.

    And seriously: Jabberwocky? It used to scare me silly.

    Did I miss the boat on this exercise?

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