It happens every day, no matter what you say

It’s the end of the weekend. The Steelers found a way to lose, and I’m in my office putting in a little weekend work to ramp up for a long week ahead.

I’m in need of a pick-me-up.

iTunes is apparently magical, because it sensed my need and cued up the perfect tune: Tom Jones, “It’s Not Unusual.”

In case you need a little boost too, I offer the video version from 1965:

I bet Mr. Jones would be very good at Wii Fit Super-Hula. Also, how about those dancing girls? So much goodness here.

4 replies on “It happens every day, no matter what you say”

  1. Elizabeth: Dudley Moore is so super. I hadn’t ever seen that clip. Thanks so much for linking to it.

    Amie: Nom nom indeed. I’m glad to help get your week off to a yummy start.

    Woy: I’ve never made it all the way through Mars Attacks — I’ll have to seek out that clip.

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