Eat, drink, share

No-knead bread

Quick thoughts:

1. The photo above is of a loaf of no-knead bread I made over the weekend. The recipe (from the New York Times, "No-Knead Bread") was as easy as promised. I didn’t give the bread quite enough time to cool, because I was running late, but my family gave it very high marks and there were only small bits and crumbs left after dinner. Will be trying a similar method with some of my favorite bread recipes soon.

2. It’s Mixology Monday, and the theme is "Made from Scratch." I’m not able to participate this week, due to being too busy but more importantly an ill-prepared person. Had I gotten my act together, I would be mixing up something that requires homemade maraschino cherries, because I’ll be fixing a big batch of those soon. In the meantime, please check out Pegu Blog’s excellent hosting and the many yummy and hand-crafted submissions.

3. Tomorrow is the Neighborhood Walk. Post something about where you live — with pictures or video audio or just vivid text — and share in the fun. And please invite others to do the same. Finally, tag your post with "neighborhoodwalk" to help everyone find everything.

(Photo credit: No-knead bread, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey.)

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