Better than asking you to be in two places at once

I noted yesterday that since both Woycheck and I created event listings on the Pittsburgh Bloggers Facebook group for next week’s BlogFest, we now have a chance for a completely meaningless competition: Who can get more people to RSVP for their version of the BlogFest.

Current status:

Mine is the one listed on top (“Pittsburgh BlogFest 16” — note the Silicon Valley-influenced intercapping style  and the restraint in not using exclamation points in the event name).

Ack! Mike is ahead by one after one day.

Although this is a meaningless competition, it can still be hotly contested. So let me use this opportunity to make my case:

PLEASE please please! RSVP for my event! I will bring very special, highly prized stickers to BlogFest for only those who RSVP for my event. You will be very happy to have one of these stickers.

Also for your consideration, here is a statement from a third party, Carlos the Mack’rel:

Tween Closkey the Red or Woychek the bald,
Which -fest to attend? Our sixteenth, it’s called.
A vote cast for Cind, one smart MIT babe
Keeps us from seeing her red wrath’s outgrabe.
Voting for Mike, though, won’t cut through the slack
He talks too darn fast – at times snicker snack!
I’ll go with the chick, though Mike’s also cool
By voting the chick, you won’t be a fool.
Sitting amongst you, amid tulgey wood,
Will Carlos the Mack be, blogging the good.

It’s your choice, Gentle Reader. Choose!

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