Announcing Pittsburgh BlogFest 16, plus a poem and a game

Blue sixteen

I received this by email this week — a new poem from the mysterious Carlos the Mack’rel:

On Blogfest Ex-Vee-Eye

‘Tis time, my friends, ’tis blogfest time.
In elven month, post-Hallowed moon
I thought we’d see a blogfest soon
Impatient me, impatient I’m.

So when meet we to eat and drink?
Pre-twelfth month days are running short
To drink a beer or liquor snort.
Please schedule soon, I’m on the brink.

Upon receiving this pointed reminder, the Pittsburgh Bloggers cabal sprang to action. There is indeed little time left in the year, and no matter when we schedule the next get-together we’re going to be giving people precious little notice. Still, a small blogfest is better than none at all, so….

WHAT: Pittsburgh Blogfest 16
WHEN: Friday, November 21, 2008, 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM and beyond
WHERE: Finnegan’s Wake (near PNC Park, 20 General Robinson St., North Shore, 412-325-2601), in the Pub Room
WHO: All local bloggers, vloggers, podcasters (and their friends!) and Pittsburgh Bloggers
COST: Free to attend

Food and beverages will be available for purchase from Finnegan’s Wake, as always. Arrive when you like, leave when you must.

SMOKING NOTE: As always, the room in which we’ll be blogfesting will be smoke-free. The rest of the bar allows smoking, so one can hop out for a smoke break. There’s a glass wall between, so the smokers and nonsmokers can stare at each other and see how the other half lives.

As always, if you plan to attend, please send an e-mail to "blogfest at-sign closkey dot com".

BONUS BLOGFEST FUN: Being disorganized as well as last-minute, both Woycheck and I added event listings for this blogfest to the Pittsburgh Bloggers Facebook group.

I could delete mine, or he could delete his. But instead let’s have a contest. Whose event do you want to attend, mine or Woycheck’s? RSVP on Facebook to attend one or the other, or both, or neither. Prizes and penalties to be determined, plus bonuses for RSVPing members if I can think of any. Read the competing event listings and RSVP here.

(Yes, they’re actually the same event, same location, same day and time. So choosing which you like better will be extra difficult. Good luck!)


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6 replies on “Announcing Pittsburgh BlogFest 16, plus a poem and a game”

  1. HA. Ok, so I totally thought when I got invites from the both of you that both would lead me to the same event page. So, as Woy’s invitation arrived first, I accepted and moved on.

    It was all about the timing, Cynthia. I swear.

  2. Often people hang out for a while. This time, with so much going on that night, it’s possible that BlogFest will be a stopping point for a long night for several.

    I have a play to see that night, so I’ll be heading out midway through myself. You could see who else is attending and ask if you could call them when you’re leaving work to see if the party is still bopping.

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