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Brick Bloom

While I wrassle with a creativity-limiting flu, I suggest you check out Bricks & Boxes.

For years, my brother Anthony has rebuffed my suggestions that he should start a blog, or get a Twitter account, or findd some online outlet for all the opinions and ideas he shares with me every day.

Then suddenly, over a few days, he jumped onto Twitter, then Plurk, and then started a blog. This week he was joined by a collaborator — Jennie Roth formerly of the blog 37Roses.

What’s better than the fact that Anthony is online is that he’s a good writer, and an observant one. He and Jennie also have started a friendly rivalry in their blogging, which should mean good fun ahead.

See for yourself: Bricks & Boxes.

(Photo credit: Brick Bloom, originally uploaded by Meanest Indian.)

3 replies on “Good stuff elsewhere”

  1. I saw B&B in my Bloglines feed last night after coming back from vacation. How things change in just one week! I’m looking forward to reading the new site.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, Cindy. Maybe a pseudo-Zima cocktail would help?!

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