Fever dreams

It used to be that, when I had a fever, I would have this dream:

I’m in the family station wagon in Exton, PA (we lived there until I was 5). I’m the only one in the car, which is parked at the end of the driveway of friends of ours, on the opposite side of our block. I don’t remember what their driveway was actually like, but in the dream it slopes away from the road down to the backyard, and a small forested area.

The car starts rolling down the hill to the forested area. My parents and maybe their friends are in the yard, and they’re watching me roll down the hill, but no one is too upset. Also, there are three or four lions in the forest.

The car rolls very slowly, and I’m somehow both in the car and then over with the lions, and also yelling to my parents to stay away from the lions.

This weekend when I had a fever, here’s what I dreamed:

Chris Brogan posted something on his blog about social networks, and I commented on his post and then wrote a guest post. I don’t remember whether I was agreeing or disagreeing with Chris, but I was very concerned that I didn’t have enough time to respond.


I can see several possible conclusions to draw from these contrasting dreams:

  • I used to have much more dramatic fevers.
  • I used to have much more creative dreams.
  • I have been working too much.
  • I should write a guest post on Chris’s blog.