Whaddaya think?

I’ve been planning for some time to revamp the layout of this website.

The BlogHer ads are going to go, for example. I don’t think they’re tuned to the readership of this site, and they come loaded with stringent requirements that make it hard to do many other things. The sidebar needs an overhaul, and maybe there should be two sidebars, and so on.

While the BlogHer ads aren’t interesting, I think there may be some other ads that would be of interest. But then again, maybe ads — even well-tuned ads — would just clutter up the site.

Ultimately, what I think about the site matters much less than what you, Dear Reader, think of it. So now is the time for me to ask your opinion.

Can you imagine any ads that would provide value for you?

Or maybe a list of recommended books/music/films/etc. with my notes and links to buy them? Or do you get that kind of information elsewhere?

Google does send a lot of people here, so maybe I should post some ads/links to send those people to the items they actually want (apparently: 80s style workout attire, information about Drambuie and Frangelico, and info on how to make really strong coffee, plus of course information on pretty hats; also today someone arrived here from the search "are all of the good men taken?" which is kind of heartbreaking).

And aside from ads, what else would you like to find on this site?

3 replies on “Whaddaya think?”

  1. I’d certainly be interested in links to media, especially if your notes are included; while recommendations are easy to come by, they mean more coming from someone whose opinion I value.

  2. I like your recommendations with links idea. As for the ads, however, I have never clicked on an ad here or any other blog I read. Yours are at least nice and neat, which I like; other sites are littered with them and that’s just annoying. Just my two cents (probably reduced in value to one cent with the market declines!)

    Happy Turkey Day!

  3. I, too, like the idea of “Cindy’s Picks”. You have impeccable taste and I’m sure your readers would buy every…single…product you recommend, whether that be a fine gin or locally developed software that integrates with your iTunes library to find more artwork, album reviews, track listings, artist news and bios, videos, concert schedules, etc. (Hint, Hint.)

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