Bringing Mr. Sandman back to life

The first horror movie I saw in a theater was Halloween 2. I had seen nothing as terrifying before, and it scarred my psyche. One major result was that I could no longer hear the song “Mr. Sandman,” which was featured in the movie. Previously I thought of it — if I thought of it at all — as a light pop hit; now it had become a harbinger of extreme danger.

Today on I heard for the first time a newer version of the song, performed by the San Francisco band Oranger. “Hey,” I thought, “this is pretty good. Kinda rockin’. Maybe now I can finally overcome my irrational fear of Mr. Sandman.”

Then I looked up the video:

Oranger – Mr. Sandman (Stubbs the Zombie)

It seems that Oranger’s “Mr. Sandman” is on the soundtrack for the Stubbs the Zombie video game.

I may never sleep again.