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Feed the Firefoxes, originally uploaded by Glutnix.

Some changes here at My Brilliant Mistakes: I’ve started using my Tumblr account more often to share interesting items I encounter on the web. My Tumblr is we might need this later, named as such because I use it for saving items of undetermined value.

Since I’ve been using that more, I changed my blog design so the Tumblr posts appear in the right column, and the longer old-style blog posts appear in the left column.

If you don’t visit the blog itself — if you read it through the RSS feed — you miss out on the tumblr links. Then again, maybe you don’t care for the Tumblr links and only want the less-frequent, longer posts. Or maybe you don’t care for the longer posts and only want the Tumblr links.

Whatever your pleasure, there is an RSS feed for you. See:

If you have the original feed, then you have the version with the blog posts and the Tumblr. Change if you prefer; I won’t be hurt.

OK, that’s all the geekiness we need for a Friday evening. As you were.