Pittsburgh BlogFest 19: PghBloggers.org turns 5!

finlay is five, originally uploaded by papalamour. Five years ago, right around this time, a half-dozen or so bloggers in the Pittsburgh area were reading each others’ blogs, commenting, and generally marveling at the discovery that each of us was not alone — that there were not a few folks in the region who had […]

Announcing Pittsburgh BlogFest 18 — Saturday, 8/15

Pittsburgh bloggers: Come meet your fellow bloggers and social media types in a friendly, unstructured setting. Pittsburgh BlogFest is an informal and friendly quarterly gathering of local bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and anyone who enjoys life on the Internet. It’s more happy hour than meeting: No talks will be given, no credentials required. WHAT: Pittsburgh Blogfest […]

Pittsburgh BlogFest 14 wrap-up

Pittsburgh BlogFest 14 sign-in sheet, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey. It’s surely a record for me to post the sign-in sheet from a BlogFest on the very next day. Granted, I haven’t listed and linked up all the signatures to their respective websites. Will do that later today. (If you want to help speed things along, […]

Snow? What snow? Pittsburgh BlogFest 13 wrap-up

Pittsburgh BlogFest 13 sign-in sheet, originally uploaded by cynthiacloskey. It was the luckiest 13 I’ve ever seen. Last Friday’s Pittsburgh BlogFest was perhaps the best one we’ve had yet. Despite the snow and slippy conditions, lots and lots of fabulous, fascinating people showed up. The sign-in sheet, which you see above, gives you a sense […]

BlogFest 8: The Ocho Wrapup

BlogFest 8 was a small and very fun gathering. We must remember to take pictures at these things — but even that wouldn’t quite capture the sense of the evening. More representative would be a short video of someone looking at their watch and saying, in some consternation, "It’s 9 o’clock already?" Lots of bloggers […]