Theater preview: 1776 – The Musical at Pittsburgh Public Theater

David De Angelo¬†— my good friend and fellow Pittsburgh blogger — got a peak behind the scenes at the preparation underway for the Public’s upcoming production of 1776 – The Musical. And, because he’s a grand fellow, he posted all about it on his blog. He shares some insights from cast members about the politics […]

Theater preview: The Royal Family at the Pittsburgh Public Theater

I love “stage door” plays and movies, like All About Eve, Singing in the Rain, All That Jazz, and pretty much every movie Fred Astaire made. So I’m particularly excited about the play that opens the Pittsburgh Public Theater’s new season, The Royal Family. Video preview of “The Royal Family” at the Pittsburgh Public Theater” […]

Don’t know what it is, but I know what I like

What is it about art that makes us hate art lovers so very much? It’s easy enough to love artists themselves, particularly artists who can convey emotion beautifully on the canvas but who struggle to express simple thoughts in conversation. I like that over-abstracting flavor of awkwardness in a person. What I don’t like is […]

Come on babe, why don’t we paint the town, and all that jazz?

A revue may be the perfect way to see musical theater. You get all the flashy singing and dancing, the lights and the costumes, and the live performance – outrageously talented people right before you. And you don’t have to bend your mind around a musical’s plot, which in many cases makes little sense and […]

“The Lady with All the Answers” at the Public — plus special blogger opportunity

If you grew up poring over the advice that Ann Landers and Dear Abby handed out in their daily columns — or if you just enjoy a night of great live theater — you’ll want to check out the next production at the Pittsburgh Public Theater: "The Lady with All the Answers." (Local bloggers have […]