New play: Harry’s Friendly Service, at the Pittsburgh Public Theater

There’s a new play in Pittsburgh that I want to see, but my schedule is conspiring against me. In case I can’t attend, I thought I’d at least let everyone else know about it — maybe if there’s a strong, positive response, the theater will extend it for a while until I can get a bit of free time.

The play is “Harry’s Friendly Service,” by Rob Zellers.

Zellers also wrote “The Chief,” a hit play about Art Rooney Sr., founding owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This new play has other things to recommend it: an appealing cast, excellent production, great space (the O’Reilly Theatre) in which to enjoy it.

Plus the plot has resonance for me: set in the Rust Belt (Youngstown, Ohio), in 1977, when industrial layoffs were looming and small towns were in jeopardy. I grew up in that environment, when the major industries in my home town — steel and rail car manufacturing — were falling apart. In the current economic climate, it seems ever more important to look back on those years.

If you need a bit more temptation, here’s a little video promo the Public created:

Find more information, showtimes, and ticket info at the Pittsburgh Public Theater website.
And if you go, let me know what you thought of the show.