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How technology is changing classical music — part 3 of my conversation with the composer John Adams

The third part of my interview with John Adams, the PSO’s Conductor of the Year, is available on the PSO blogs.

In this segment, John discusses how new technology has affected the way music is made, music itself, and the business of classical music. Read part 3 here.

I’m posting this interview over several days, in anticipation of two special concerts that he will be conducting with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra on January 16 and 17.

If you’d like to hear John Adams conduct the PSO in performing his works, I have a limited number of vouchers for free tickets. Please contact me for details.

Colder than a ticket-taker’s smile

A Plurk conversation today:

Stevi Deter on KUOW, they actually said the forecast for today was “relentless rain”.

Cynthia says more media should offer emotional weather reports. The rain, the rain, my god! the rain.

plord says must now listen to Tom Waits:

Excellent thought. But why just listen when you can also watch?

Whetting the appetite

Handmade chocolate sampler

My post about the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra preview concert is online at the PSO blogs site.

An aside: I wanted to use a photo of a Whitman’s Sampler as a visual, but then I found this photo of stunning handmade chocolates. Now all I can think of is the luscious and beautiful truffles I used to buy from Joseph Schmidt when I lived in San Francisco. (*drool*)

(Photo credit: Handmade chocolate sampler, originally uploaded by Silly Jilly.)

Recovering from a really bad week

Julie Wainwright, the founder of famous dotcom bust, recently blogged about what she views as her greatest life mistakes and — more importantly — how she came to move on from them:

What most people don’t know is that the very same week that failed, my marriage of seven years failed as well. Actually, it had been failing for a long time. It became officially over that week. My husband decided to call it quits the day before I announced to the employees and the public markets that I was shutting down Pets. It was a really bad week.

Now, I would like to tell you that I was down but not out. That I just brushed myself off and got on with life. I didn’t. At first, I kept myself hyper-busy. That lasted for about three months. Then, I sank into a depression. I’m sure I was in shock for a long time. It was a very dark, confused time in my life. I kept pushing myself to get back to normal. That didn’t happen.

I never got back to myself. I became better than I was. Note that it is almost seven years since failed. Mystics might say I am entering a new seven-year cycle. I kind of think that’s true because I believe there are universal laws and truths. I do know I have been on a journey. I have taken stock of the five big mistakes I have made in my life and fought my way through. I’m sure I’ll make some more big mistakes in the future, but hopefully I won’t make the same ones again.

(Via Lifehacker)

I answer five questions — and there are more pictures of hats

Over at the aptly-named Thoughtful Riot, Will Rutherford has been interviewing local social media creators to find out what makes them tick.

Today he posted his interview with me. If you’re curious about when and how I started blogging and why I keep at it, go read and all will be revealed.

If you’re a fan of hats, you can also see my lovely friend Julie wearing a spunky orange chapeau, and me wearing a hat that I don’t recall at all.