Live blogging the 24 Hour Creative Marathon

From 8pm tonight to 8pm Saturday is the 24 Hour Creative Marathon 2 at Creative Treehouse, Bellevue, PA. I’m going to be here for as much of the event as I can handle. Let me tell you all about it.

(Updates will be on top, so read from the bottom if you’re just starting.)

8:30am: Put a fork in me, I’m done. I’ve packed up and I’m ready to head back home for a little shuteye. I’ll be back in the afternoon. In the meantime, watch the creative marathon site for blog updates from others.

7:12am: Sorry for the radio silence during the wee hours. I have neither slept nor napped. Instead I made a nifty collage, and then may have ruined it by trying to put a protective coating on top. Am currently too tired to fret about it. The point wasn’t so much the end result anyway; it was the act of making, and the experience of creating something along with others.

We’ve had a nice group of folks here this evening. The bulk of the participants were here from about 10 until about 2. The paintings they created are propped against the walls around the room.

Right now about a dozen people are dozing or seriously sleeping on couches and in corners. Another dozen are still working, either completing the piece they’ve spent the evening on or starting on something new.

10:00pm: More people continue to arrive. So far I’ve consumed just a cookie and Burn energy drink. Any surprise that I’m a little frizzy? None at all.

Art is being created, video is being filmed, code is being discussed. Thinking about the theme of “lost and found” — how to break free of cliche?

9:20pm: Spaces are filling in. The Something To Be Desired crew is arriving — they’re filming an episode here tonight to air Monday. An art class has also arrived, their teacher gaining big coolest-ever points by bringing them here. Next to me a young man is making a frame and canvas, with Exacto knife. Overall vibe: Anything is possible.

8:40pm: I’ve arrived. Over an hour late, but everyone is kind about it. The vibe is energetic, expectant. Those who were here at the first marathon are pacing themselves on the Burn energy drinks, but (significantly) they’re not holding back really.

Myself, I’m on my first Burn and thinking about the “lost and found” theme. What’s lost? What’s found? What comes now?

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