Month Impossible: Day Twenty-One, Pie Preparation


I’m on dessert duty for my family’s Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. I rarely get dessert duty — Mom usually makes most of the dishes and brushes aside my offers to make pie, leaving me to bring a vegetable or other side dish instead. But she had knee surgery recently and is healing only slowly, so she is having to rely on the rest of the family more. So at last I get to exercise my mad pie-making skillz.

I’ve had a hankering for bourbon pecan pie ever since Uncle Crappy talked about having it at a tailgate party. It’s easy to make, as is the requisite pumpkin pie that I’ll also be bringing.

The only hard part might be the crust, but I’m armed with Julia Child’s food processor-enabled recipe. Regular flour plus a little cake flour, stick and a half of butter, four tablespoons of shortening, big splash of ice water, whirl it around for a few pulses, gather it up and refrigerate for a few hours, then roll it out and put it in a pan. It’s easy as pie. (Hah!)

NaBloPoMo note: You remember that "NaBloPoMo" stands for "National Blog Posting Month," right? Today is the twenty-first day in a arow that I’ve posted at least once. I’m enjoying the experience — and the traffic to this site has gradually drifted higher with the passing days. More importantly to me, the average time visitors spend on the site is increasing, and the percentage of repeat visitors is on the rise. I hope that means you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

DrawMo: Six drawings behind, so I’d do well to make two drawings a day whenever possible. The month is almost done, and I don’t want to find myself needing to make a big pile of drawings on the last day (as I did last year).

NaNoWriMo: Another reason to keep up with the drawings is that I’ll most likely be spending the last few days of the month typing nonstop. Ooh, boy, am i in a pickle on this. I have all of tomorrow to write — outside of pie-making and feast-eating of course. And then on Friday I’ll be babysitting my niece in a house without wi-fi, which means that once she’s asleep distractions will be minimized, so novel creation can be maximized. At least, that’s the theory.

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  1. Greatly enjoying the daily blog postings, especially the stories that go with the drawings. Good luck with the novel (and pies)!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. India: I have a cookbook called “Fresh Fruit Desserts” by Sheryl and Mel London, and the tart dough recipes in it are all-butter. But they fudge a bit and also use egg. The tart crusts come out a little like shortbread cookies, and they’re terrific — maybe a little easier to make than the standard all-butter crust.

    My crutches for pie crust generally, though, are the food processor and the marble pastry board. I owe any success I have to those two devices.

    Oh, that vegetable potato gratin sounds divine! and the gateau too! I need you to come to Butler and cook with me.

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