It happens every day, no matter what you say

It’s the end of the weekend. The Steelers found a way to lose, and I’m in my office putting in a little weekend work to ramp up for a long week ahead. I’m in need of a pick-me-up. iTunes is apparently magical, because it sensed my need and cued up the perfect tune: Tom Jones, […]

Colder than a ticket-taker’s smile

A Plurk conversation today: Stevi Deter on KUOW, they actually said the forecast for today was “relentless rain”. Cynthia says more media should offer emotional weather reports. The rain, the rain, my god! the rain. plord says must now listen to Tom Waits: Excellent thought. But why just listen when you can also watch?

NaBloPoMo Day 1: Find your grail

Tonight my mother and I had a lovely, cultural sort of evening: We enjoyed listening to the Pittsburgh Symphony performing Mozart and Strauss, we stopped for a post-show cocktail and soaked up the downtown nighttime vibe, spotted the concert soloist and politely thanked him for a wonderful show, etc. etc. You might think that we […]

Time is of the essence

A couple of time-critical items for your attention: Pittsburgh social media phenom Lindsay Patross has created a political action committee, P2PAC, that "supports candidates whose districts touch the City of Pittsburgh and whose agendas are consistent with its mission: good government, sustainable development, and social equity." As part of the kick-off they’ve initiated a P2pac […]

Cover a band this weekend in Pittsburgh — free tix, great music

Purpose Was Again by Bloodsugars I’m late in posting this cool opportunity, but with luck you’ll still be able to take advantage of it. This info comes from our stylish and delightfully hip friend Sarah Madia: There is a band called the Bloodsugars coming to play Brillobox this Saturday night in Bloomfield. The label is […]